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3 Reasons Why Logo Development Should Always Start in Black and White

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It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of a new logo for your business. I’m guilty of it myself. But your business logo is now something that should be rushed. Done right, a logo should last up to 10 years. Some can last the entire lifespan of a company with only a few cosmetic tweaks, and we’re talking decades here! Whether you’re starting from the ground up or refreshing a brand that’s gone a little stale, every logo comp should start out in black and white, and for good reason. Three of them, actually.

Reason #1: One color logos reveal structural faultlines early in the process.
There’s an old rule of design that if a logo can work in black and white, it can work anywhere. A black and white logo can’t have low contrast areas. Overlapping letters either work or they don’t. And usually any unintended and/or inappropriate shapes are quickly apparent in black and white that may have been obscured in a full color version.

Reason #2: One color logos are less distracting during the approval process.
Science has shown color is full of psychological meaning, not to mention personal preference. A logo should be judged based on its merits as a symbol for your business. Removing color from the equation—at least in the beginning—takes some of the emotion out of the decision because you’re seeing the symbol, not the color that reminds you of your mean Aunt Martha’s couch.

Reason #3: One color logos will not go to waste.
As I’ve mentioned before, having multiple versions of your logo can help you brand consistently no matter the medium you’re advertising in. A black and white (or other single color) logo will definitely be used at some point, and the extra time spent ironing out any wrinkles from the word go will pay for itself.

If you’re thinking about getting a new logo for your business, give me a call at 405-259-2738!


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